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Dear Lake Travis Resident,

NEW Lake Travis residents now have a location to meet and engage with the Local Working Artists, 365 days a year.  In cooperation with Keller Williams Realty of Lakeway, you will discover a Showcase of 20 of the dozens of Local Working Artists from our Lake Travis Communities.  

Start here, and we'll connect you with every avenue of Local Art in the area.    

It’s common knowledge as to the challenges of furnishing and settling into a new residence and our solution is very simple for current and new residents to get connected with local working artists.  The Keller Williams Showcase of Art allows people to get a sense of the varied styles of our art community.  

Our goal is to offer all the conveniences of a Custom Art experience for your new home or office. 

How to get connected?

1. Call one of the people listed on our contacts page and ask them to meet you at the location and take you on a tour.  This is the best way to view the show.

2.  Or, you are free to visit the Keller Williams Realty, by first checking into the front desk and asking where the tour begins.  All exhibiting artists have an info brochure accompanying their samples, so we've made it easy for you to take the information home with you for future use.

3. If you own a business and wish to be highlighted on our website, please call Tricia Perkey, 512-800-4788 to arrange a 30 minute tour of the show. We are interested in supporting local businesses who take the time to support our efforts and will gladly add your business info on our site. We only ask that you keep us in mind and refer our exhibit with your friends and customers should the opportunity ever present itself.  

4.  Both meetings in your home and art studio tours are also possibilities. Let's talk about who your favorites are and whether we can arrange a studio visit for you. 

5. In the event you are interested in a painting "displayed"  in the showcase, just call the artist and they will meet you at Keller Williams to conduct the transaction. (Sorry, the K.W. Realtors are not elected to sell the individual pieces.  Please contact the Artist and they will be happy to assist you.)

Thank you for visiting our site.  

We ask that you embrace our efforts to bring the community 

closer together through a positive art experience and feel free to contact one of our artists soon.  

Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!


Studio Tour - 2015

Spring Show - 2015

Spring Show - 2015